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The Workers' Comp Claim Process in Medford

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Before beginning a workers’ compensation claim, obtain the medical attention you need, although your employer’s insurer may require you to see a specific doctor for workers’ compensation eligibility. You may be overwhelmed with the thought of dealing with the legalities of your workplace injury, which is why you should consult with our Medford workers’ compensation attorney who can explain your rights and the entire process to you.

Brooks Law serves to recover the workers’ compensation that injured employees deserve when they are hurt in the course of their duties. We provide dedicated advocacy from start to finish for even the most complex Medford workers’ compensation cases. We will not accept payment until we win your case, so trust our firm to fight hard for your recovery.

What should be included in my claim?

After reporting your injury to your employer, they may provide you with a claim form or you can request one from your state’s workers’ compensation board.

You need to provide the following information in your form:

  • They type of injury and affect parts of your body
  • Date, time, and location of the injury
  • Parties involved in the accident
  • How the accident took place
  • Medical treatment you have received

Once your employer files your claim with their insurer and the state workers’ compensation board office, your claim will be evaluated by the insurer and you will be notified by an administrator about whether your claim has been accepted and for how much compensation.

Begin Your Claim & Get what You Deserve

Our trusted Medford workers’ compensation lawyer is ready to assist you in filing your forms correctly and on time, and can file an appeal if your claim is denied or you are offered less compensation than you deserve. Reach out to Brooks Law once you have notified your employer of your injury and we can work to protect your right to compensation!

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