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Limb Loss in Massachusetts Work Accidents

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One of the most catastrophic workplace injuries is limb loss, such as the loss of a leg, hand, or finger. As soon as the initial shock subsides, the injured individual will begin an extensive recovery process involving prosthetics, physical therapy, and often emotional therapy. While some will regain full physical function and independence, others may be incapable of working like they once did and could require adaptive equipment in order to rejoin the workforce.

At Brooks Law, we are committed to recovering your entitled compensation. This should help cover medical expenses, rehabilitation therapy, prosthetics, adaptive equipment, and vocational retraining for those who have lost a limb as a result of amputation. We provide high-quality legal representation to residents throughout Massachusetts.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

Construction and industrial work is particularly hazardous, and many workplace dangers can lead to the loss of a limb. In Massachusetts, as in many other states, the workers’ compensation system sets a specific monetary value on the loss of body parts.

Victims often receive a lump sum for the loss of a foot, hand, or finger. In other situations, however, a third party may have contributed to the workplace accident. If a third party was at fault or played a role in your limb loss accident, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against that party.

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